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TOPIC: Trim on Doors/Rear/Front Fenders

Trim on Doors/Rear/Front Fenders 3 years 3 days ago #308

Is there an easy way to remove the trim on the external doors/front/rear fendors?
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Re: Trim on Doors/Rear/Front Fenders 3 years 2 days ago #309

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Maddenj4PKAn wrote:
Is there an easy way to remove the trim on the external doors/front/rear fendors?

Welcome aboard, John.

Below is a copy/paste of the email that I just sent to you.

Enjoy - and let us know how you removed the strips.


George Dill

The strips are held in place with clips that have a square cross-section that slides along the inside of the strip...


...and will have gob of goo from the factory if original. This goo turns hard and brittle over the eons making removal of the clip/strip difficult. Many folks find unhappiness from bent strips when attempting removal from the outside.

Two ways to go both satisfactory...

- Remove (carefully!) the door interior door panels and push the clips out with the blunt end of a wooden-handle screwdriver or equivalent. Access the fender strips clips from underneath the car once the undercoating is removed.

- Removal from the outside is done with a bone tool...


...which resembles a fat wide popsicle stick with varying thickness and width. This tool is actually hard but flexible plastic that will not scratch surfaces. To locate the clips under the strips from the outside wiggle the strip (if it will wiggle) and note the area of least wiggle. If the strip won't wiggle VERY CAREFULLY prise the strip a very small amount away from the metal and shine a strong beam of light in the opening to spot the clips. Once you locate a clip slide the smallest thinnest end of the bone tool under the strip at a point between two clips then slide the tool to the very edge of the clip. The pro body people use two tools - one on each side of the clip.

You can make a bone tool by cutting and grinding on a slice of 6" PVC pipe or buy one at the local AutoGroan for cheap.

Is the 122S in the garage?




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