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TOPIC: Greetings from Florida

Greetings from Florida 1 year 1 month ago #1129

Hello All!

I've had Volvo's all my driving life, since 1995. It started when my mom was in a terrible accident in a brand new 93 Ford Probe. After the Probe was totaled she asked the insurance adjuster to recommend the safest car on the road and of course the answer was Volvo. My mom's first Volvo was a 91 240 DL and my first car in 1995 was a 1982 240 DL 5speed manual transmission. I didn't know how to drive a manual, but quickly learned. That car was old, but solid and perfect. It lasted me 4 years, but after driving 250 miles back and forth to college during the 4 year I owned it the car stated to have electrical issues and I gave it to a family member. Then, my dad helped me purchase a nice gray 1986 240 GL, which I had for another 3 years until someone ran into me and the insurance company totally it out. At that point I had one year left of college and purchased a 1988 gray 240 DL, which looked exactly like my previous car. In 2000, my then fiance needed another car and since he preferred real wheel drive vehicles, he ended up buying a 1987 740 GL. In 2006 I decided that since I was working as a faculty member at a large research 1 university I needed a newer looking car than my 1988 240, I purchased a used 1998 S70. Alas, just before Christmas this year my S70 just cracked a head because the temperature gauge malfunctioned and didn't indicate that it was overheating. My reliable Volvo mechanic indicated that I should let my car die peacefully because this was the second cracked head in 3 years. Now, I'm about to purchase a used 1995 940 and am very excited because my mechanic swears by the reliability and quality build of the 940's.

There are many reasons I prefer Volvos, the first and foremost is because of their safety. Another strong reason is tied to my wonderful mechanic. I have a family Volvo mechanic like some people have family doctors. Richard (of Richard's Import) in my part of Florida is amazing. If you ask anyone with a Volvo who repairs their car, the answer will inevitable be Richard. He's been fixing my Volvo's since I learned to drive and even once volunteered to drive 4 hours north to fix my car while I was away at college. I can't foresee a time when I'll not drive a Volvo.

That was a very long winded introduction, I know, but my love of and dedication to Volvos runs deep. I look forward to interacting with many of you and getting to know other Volvo enthusiasts. :)
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Greetings from Florida 1 year 1 month ago #1132

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Welcome to the Forum.

The 940 has shown to be a Volvo of choice as non-turbo wagon versions are currently in demand and going for big dollars.

Your '95 is the year to have with upgraded cooling and many touches of the 960 luxury model plus the advanced OBD system.

Your favorite Volvo tech may not need the link below but it is good reading NTL.

Keep us posted on the 940 and pics would be nice, too.


George Dill

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Greetings from Florida 1 year 3 weeks ago #1152

I'm picking up my 940 on Friday and I'll make sure to post photos. While the 940 sedan I'm purchasing has more miles on it than I would like (250k), the upside is that it's a one owner vehicle and the owners used my Volvo mechanic Richard for all the repairs so he knows the car's history and that it was very well maintained. I'm excited and my husband is excited because it's rear wheel drive.
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Greetings from Florida 1 year 2 weeks ago #1158

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What part of Florida. Come and join us in April in Tampa
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Greetings from Florida 1 year 2 weeks ago #1168

I'm in Gainesville, not too far from Tampa. What's going on in Tampa in April?
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Greetings from Florida 1 year 2 weeks ago #1170

Here's a quick photo of my "new" 940.
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