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TOPIC: 940 V8 Ford Conversion

940 V8 Ford Conversion 2 years 8 months ago #371

Alright, time to break the V8 ice.

I'm currently working on a Ford 5.0/T5 conversion in my 1993 940 Turbo wagon. I'm transplanting the setup from another wagon thats rusted out, but was built using the Ross Converse Kit. The engine will be getting GT40P heads, a Ford Cobra intake setup, Ford Racing shorty headers, and a good cleanup before it goes in. The car has gotten new Ipd heavy duty springs front and rear (stock shocks though), chassis braces, and Ipd sway bars front and rear to help beef up the suspension.

Hopefully I've accounted for a lot of stuff as I've been planning this project out for a couple years...still have a few things I'm iffy about:

Radiator. I was thinking about having a custom aluminum 3 row built to fit in the stock location, but I also hear of other guys using stock Volvo rads and not having any problems. What are your experiences?

Clutch Cable hookup. This is one of the most common breaks I've heard about; the stock Volvo cable not being beefy enough to withstand the heavier Ford clutch. Has anyone come up with a good way to modify a Ford cable to fit the Volvo clutch pedal?

Gauge hookups: I'm putting in some aux gauges simply because I'm not sure how much to trust the factory gauges running off the Ford sensors.

I'm very interested in hearing any other bits of advice people have who have completed these projects before (unless its 'don't do it'...they've been tellin me that for a couple years already =D )

Thanks much!
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Re: 940 V8 Ford Conversion 1 year 10 months ago #642

  • jj_242
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Any luck with the conversion so far?
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Re: 940 V8 Ford Conversion 1 year 2 weeks ago #1013

  • Salzer2550
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This can be a viable conversion w/ Ford -or-Chevy V8 and it's fairly straightforward. My '84 760 has about 50K Ford V8 miles w/ orig. rear-end, gets better mileage than 4 cyl., is docile, and can get out of it's own way, since 1996. I have stock Swedes too, but Ahhh...the V8.I See that finally VoVo does have an Eight Cylinder model, no faster than mine at 1/8th the price.
Regards, Ken
Driving Swedish Steel since '69....Pushed/Pulled a few too!!

BTW---for HOT-ROD-VOLVO( above post)---Radiator...use a diesel one..no problems.
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